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1️⃣ The collapse of ETH is inevitable

If there was one article which stirred up a lot of discussions last week, it was this one. The author suggests that while Ehtereum, the network, will succeed, Ethereum, the currency (or ETH to make it easier), is on its way to being zero. The main argument is that while Ethereum will help in developing decentralised apps, ETH can't rise just by getting GAS as a fee. The author also takes an example of a hypothetical coin and how it could continue using the network, without using the token.

Interestingly, the face behind Ethereum - Vitalik Buterin - replied to this article via a Reddit post suggesting that the community is already considering two proposals to avoid situations that are suggested by the author.

While we're at the topic of Ethereum, this article gives a good overview of who's building the Ethereum 2.0.

2️⃣ Introducing ShapeShift Membership

Another thing which generated a lot of chatter is the fact that Shapeshift - which lets you convert cryptocurrencies while being anonymous - is planning to add mandatory membership. This came as a surprise to many as the founder - Erik Voorhees - has been known for his libertarian views and going against the state itself.
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3️⃣ Japanese customers can’t use the new cryptocurrency on Line’s messaging app

Japan-based LINE messenger which started dipping its toes into the world of cryptocurrencies has now taken a dive by introducing its own blockchain dubbed LINK Chain. Interestingly however, the LINK tokens won't be available in its home market since the company plans to list these tokens on its own exchange - BitBox, which hasn't received the approval from Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA).

4️⃣ Coinbase plots to become the New York Stock Exchange of crypto securities

While we tend to believe that Coinbase will be the Google of the crypto world, its vision might be even bigger - to be the NYSE of the crypto landscape. The vision was laid out by CEO Brian Armstrong last week during TechCrunch Disrupt. While currently, Coinbase only lists a handful of cryptocurrencies, Armstrong believes that in the coming years the platform could have hundreds or even millions of tokens in the future.
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5️⃣ Goldman Sachs CFO says bank is working on bitcoin derivative for clients

Earlier last week a report suggested Goldman Sachs had shunned its plans for starting a cryptocurrency trading desk. However, its CFO has called that as fake news and said that the company is working on a type of derivative for Bitcoin as clients are requesting for it.

6️⃣ EXCLUSIVE: CITIGROUP SOURCE: Citi Formulating Bitcoin ‘Security’ Product, Rushing To Beat Rivals To Market

Citigroup is also planning to foray into the world of cryptocurrencies. However, instead of allowing its clients to buy and sell, it's planning for something like Digital ADR (American Depository Receipt) dubbed as DAR (Digital Asset Receipt) in lieu of a physical Bitcoin.

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💎 Hidden gems

👉 Token Curated Registries: features and tradeoffs - REPORT

Multicoin Capital has been publishing some interesting reports and thought pieces, and its latest is no different. TCRs or token curated registries offer several benefits over current methods such as ensuring that token holders are helping maintain / curate a registry. But are there any disadvantages to this as well? When can TCRs prove useful? Answers to all this and more are in the report.

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